A research paper from Prof. Wang Zhigong's team was selected as the featured article by Electronics Letters

Publisher:沈如达Release time:2018-11-29Times of browsing:829

Recently, Team lead by Prof. Wang Zhigong from the IROI of Southeast University has made significant progress in 5G millimeter wave power amplifiers. The results were published in Electronics Letters with the title 69-78 GHz ESD-protected SiGe BiCMOS power amplifier with 30 dB automatic level control for mm-wave 5G applications and was selected as the featured article. Assoc. Prof. Wang Keping is the first author, and Prof. Wang Zhigong is the co-author.

The team developed a power amplifier chip for 5G millimeter wave application, which integrates a wideband electrostatic protection circuit (ESD) and an automatic power detection circuit with a single-stage power detection range of 30 dB. Compared with traditional millimeter wave power amplifiers, the chip has higher reliability and commercial application value. The relevant e-newsletter page report is shown in following figure.