Alumnus Wang Jiangzhou Was Elected as Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering

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Professor Wang Jiangzhou of Kent University of the United Kingdom, Alumni of Southeast University, was successfully elected as academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, one of the highest honours received by British academic and industrial professionals. The academician was awarded to recognize his outstanding contributions to engineering technology. Alumni Wang Jiangzhou, as a world-renowned communication expert, has made outstanding contributions in the field of mobile communication. For the mobile communication system from the second to the fifth generation, his breakthrough research achievements have exerted considerable impacts on the development of communication technology. Professor Wang Jiangzhou is internationally renowned for his invention and innovation in signal detection and multiple access technologies involved in wireless mobile communication. These technologies have been widely applied to the global communications industry.

Professor Wang Jiangzhou, born in 1961. From 1986 to 1989, he pursued a Ph.D. degree in Communication and Information Systems at the Department of Radio Engineering (now School of Information Science and Engineering, Southeast University). He has been working as a professor at the University of Kent in the UK since 2005. He once served as Dean of the School of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent. Currently, he is an adjunct professor of 2011 Program: “Wireless Communication Technology Collaborative Innovation Centre”. Up to now, Wang Jiangzhou has published more than 250 papers in international journals and conferences, and published three monographs. He is IEEE Fellow and IET Fellow. His paper once won IEEE GLOBECOM2012 Best Paper Award and he served as an IEEE Distinguished Speaker from 2013 to 2014. Professor Wang Jiangzhou is currently serving as Chairman of the Technical Committee of IEEE Global Communication Conference (ICC2019 Shanghai) in 2019. He once served as Executive Chairman of IEEE ICC2015 Conference in London, a member of the Editorial Board of several international authoritative journals in the field of communication. Currently, he is serving as a member of the Editorial Board of Information Science Issue of China Science.

The Royal Academy of Engineering is the most honourable gallery in the field of engineering technology in the UK. It brings together the best experts and scholars from different fields of engineering technology in the UK. Each year, about 50 academicians are added; at present, there are 1,585 academicians in total.