Southeast University and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) Concluded the Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On the morning of October 9, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Southeast University and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) and the appointment ceremony Academic Lu Jun of Part-Time Dean were convened at Jiulonghu Campus of Southeast University. Xu Shaojun, Party Secretary of CETC, Lu Jun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chief Scientist of the Group, Deputy Dean Wang Yubao and principals of relevant departments of CETC, President Zhang Guangjun, Managing Vice President Wang Baoping, Vice President Jin Baosheng, principals of relevant departments, teachers and students’ representatives of the School of Information Science and Engineering of Southeast University attended the ceremonies for discussions and exchanges. The signing ceremony was presided over by Vice President Jin Baosheng.

At the meeting, President Zhang Guangjun firstly welcomed the delegation of CETC led by Xu Shaojun, briefly introduced the history and the “double first-class” construction of Southeast University, etc.. As he said, under the background of national strategy of vigorously strengthening the nation by science & technology and talents, it would be of great significance for both Southeast University and CETC to achieve strategic cooperation based on national development to give a full play to their respective advantages. President Zhang expected to achieve a comprehensive and strong cooperation in the field of high-level talent cultivation, high-level scientific researches and high-quality services for national needs, etc. with the agreement conclusion as the starting point and the army academician serving the dean as the bridge so as to make innovative and leading contributions to the national development and social progress jointly.

Secretary Xu Shaojun expressed his gratitude to Southeast University for its welcome. He firstly extended his cordial greetings and heartfelt appreciations to Southeast University on behalf of all the staff of CETC. He said that he felt very honored to sign this strategic cooperation agreement with Southeast University. The delegation has not only deeply experienced the profound cultural heritage and historical origin of Southeast University, but also expected that both sides would give a full play to their respective advantages to better promote the strategic cooperation. Afterwards Secretary Xu Shaojun introducd the history and development status quo of CETC in detail, and said that the signing of this strategic agreement would exert far-reaching impacts on the development of CETC. It is expected that both sides could cooperate sincerely to make positive contributions to the national development.

At the ceremony, Managing Vice President Wang Baoping and Secretary Xu Shaojun signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Southeast University and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, according to which, both parties would cooperate in technological innovation, industrialization cooperation and talent training, etc.

Afterwards President Zhang Guangjun awarded the Letter of Appointment to Academician Lu Jun, who would serve the School of Information Science and Engineering of Southeast University as the Dean and wore the school badge. President Zhang expressedhis gratitude to Academician Lu Jun for his support of the school’s development and the profound feelings of the alma mater; besides, President Zhang also expected that Academician Lu Jun would lead the college to further enhance its connotations and make contributions in serving the national development strategy in the new era.

In his speech, Academician Lu Jun said that he was deeply affected by study style of aiming at absolute perfection at the alma mater and President Zhang's patriotism. He felt very honored to serve his alma mater and sincerely appreciated the school leaders’ trust. Academician Lu Jun said that he would play a good role as a bridge himself to promote strong cooperation between both parties, contribute to the double first-class construction of Southeast University and the country's Two Centenary” goals.

During the event, the delegation of Academician Lu Jun also visited the Wireless Valley, communicated with representatives of the college’s young teachers and delivered an academic report titled “Thinking about the Information System Development” to the students of Southeast University.