Southeast University - University of Edinburgh 

2+2/2+3 Dual Degree Undergraduate Program

The University of Edinburgh (UoE) was founded in 1583. It is a world-renowned public comprehensive research university located in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, UK. It is also the sixth oldest university in English-speaking countries as well as a member of the Russell Group, Coimbra Group, League of European Research Universities, Una Europa, and Universitas 21.

The Scottish Microelectronics Center (SMC), and the European Artificial Intelligence Center known worldwide for artificial intelligence, are both located at the University of Edinburgh. Microelectronics, Communications, Energy, Artificial Intelligence, and other majors are very popular.

UoE is ranked 15th in the QS World University Rankings 2023, 30th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, 32nd in the US News World University Rankings 2022, and 35th in the Shanghai Softech Academic Ranking of World Universities 2021.

Applicants: No more than 10 students/year

Please send required materials to

I. Program Introduction

SEU co-operates with UoE in promoting the opportunity for excellent SEU students of Engineering, who have completed two years at SEU by the time of their entry to UoE, to apply to UoE to continue their study in the third and fourth years of the UoE undergraduate degree programs in the UoE School of Engineering at the UoE. In addition, students can further pursue either the Master of Engineering (MEng) degree, i.e. the fifth year of undergraduate programs (2 + 3), or the Master of Science (MSc) degree, in the UoE School of Engineering at the UoE.

The program is for the Class of 2022 (Undergraduate)

Major: BEng Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Course websiteBEng Electronics and Electrical Engineering | The University of Edinburgh

II. Requirements

1. An average score of 80 or above is required;

2. IELT: 6.0 or above (subscore: 5.5 or above). Language courses are required when the score is less than 7.0 or the subscore is less than 6.0;

3. English score is allowed withheld, while English language test score needs to be uploaded before April 30th, 2024, otherwise the application will be considered invalid;

4. All courses need to be completed with no failing (including physical education and running) before going abroad.

III. Costs

1. Students are responsible for their own tuition fees and living expenses when studying in the UoE;

2. UoE will award a scholarship of £3,000 depending on the applicant's grades.

IV. Materials required for application

1. Personal Statement;

2. Transcripts;

3. Studying Certificate;

4. Application Cover (recommended, not mandatory);

5. Current CV (recommended, not mandatory);

6. Copy of IELTS transcripts (transcripts must be valid for 2 years);

7. At least one letter of recommendation;

8. List of Courses in Progress (provide a list of courses being taken or to be taken in the sophomore year).

In addition, please prepare your passport and spare time for your visa application, which should be done after your application is approved.

V. Deadlines

February 28th: Submit the application form as well as other application materials to

March 15th: SEU releases the results.

Mid to late March: According to the results, applicants submit application materials to the SEU online application system and fill out the online application form (send by email if you are choosen).

May: UoE releases final admission results.

VI. Contacts

SEU: Mr. He, School of Information Science and Engineering: 025-52091072

UoE: Francesca Coates, International Recruitment and Partnerships Manager:  


 Engineering Programme Guide_4+1.pdf

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